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Texas sues as Syrian refugees head for the welfarestate

Worried that the feds are keeping states in the dark, Texas has sued the Obamaadministration to stop the influx of more Syrian refugees. They've named Secretary of State John Kerry as the chief defendant.
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Does ‘free’ windenergy in Texas come without a price?
Thanks to wind turbines, thousands of energy customers in Texas are getting electricity at nightwithout spending a dollar. But is the energy really “free”? Not really, because the plans charge more during the day.


Health Care
December will bring legislative, judicial scrutiny of Virginia’srestrictive health care regulations
Doctor Mark Baumel came up with an innovative way to screen for colon cancer that could literallysave lives, but he needs permission from the state government before he can start competing with other services.


The price of legalizing Uber, Lyft in Pennsylvania? A new tax
Legislation tolegalize the operation of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft passed the Pennsylvania Senate last week, but it will come at a cost. Buried insidethe 45-page bill is a new tax that would apply to rides within Philadelphia.


Climate summit math: $85 trillion to trim temps by 1degree

At the Parisclimate conference, world leaders talked a lot about their plans to curb pollution. But what about the costs and economic impact of such measures?They're going to be expensive.
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Chicago police chief fired as American attitudes towards police unveiled

A new survey on American attitudes toward police is unveiled as Chicago’spolice chief is fired following the video release of Laquan McDonald’s death.



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The Internet sales tax is not just abouttaxes

As Black Friday gave way to CyberMonday, we heard all the familiar complaints from physical retailers about the perils of online competition. Don’t be fooled by the words“fairness” and “parity."