NH GOP - ObamaCare Repealed!


ObamaCare has been law for more than five long years, and New Hampshire knows all too well the disastrous consequences of this broken law: higher premiums, less access and more bureaucracy. 
Thankfully, Congress finally repealed it — but Obama has pledged to veto.
We know that if Governor Hassan becomes Senator Hassan, she would ignore the will of the people and stop at nothing to protect this failed law. 
Not only will we need to keep control of the Senate, but we'll need to take back the White House so Hillary Clinton isn't able to veto this important legislation to fix our healthcare system.
We must continue to fight against this unworkable law so that it is finally repealed. Click here to donate whatever you are able — our efforts are paying off and we can't give up now. 
Obama jammed through this failed law and we cannot rest until it is repealed once and for all. Please contribute today so we have the resources needed to defeat the Clinton-Hassan Machine. 
Jennifer Horn
New Hampshire Republican Party