DNC - Christie on the “future of New Jersey's economy”


Chris Christie is making a very, very rare appearance in New Jersey today to give a speech about the “future of the state's economy.”


Yes. Really.


The governor who is responsible for overseeing an economy that’s failing by nearly every metric wants to credibly discuss the “future of the state’s economy.”


When it comes to Chris Christie’s economic record, here are the facts:


  • ·        Under Chris Christie, New Jersey is near last in the nation on job creation.
  • ·        Under Chris Christie, New Jersey’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average and was among the highest in the region.
  • ·        Under Chris Christie, New Jersey’s credit has been downgraded a record-breaking nine times.

"Christie's brand of economic failure in New Jersey is a reminder that Republican candidates would drag America backward to policies in place at the end of the last Republican administration when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, foreclosure signs dotted streets across America, and people had to choose between bankruptcy and the health care they needed. After 69 straight months of private sector job growth and more than 13 million new jobs under President Obama, Christie's Republican trickle down economics are wrong for New Jersey and wrong for America. No wonder most people in New Jersey want him to resign, and even more want him to end his presidential campaign.” -Kaylie Hanson DNC spokesperson 

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