NHDP - Statement on Evenwel v. Abbott




CONCORD, N.H. -  The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today in a Texas redistricting case, Evenwel v. Abbott, that could change how state legislative districts are drawn and thereby deny representation to anyone who isn’t a voter, including children under the age of 18 and legal permanent residents.

An estimated 268,072 Granite Staters under the age of 18 that could be disenfranchised if Sue Evenwel, a leader in the Texas Republican Party, gets her way. In addition, millions of under-represented minorities could be disenfranchised nation-wide.

“This case threatens to take away representation from hundreds of thousands in New Hampshire simply because they are unable to vote. This includes children, young people at the cusp of voting age, legal permanent residents, and tax-paying citizens,” said Ray Buckley, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

“Evenwel has attempted to deny millions representation, which could decrease families’ access to quality education and health care. Children in our state - and nation - deserve a voice. New Hampshire has a strong tradition of citizen-led democracy and our democracy is strongest when every person counts.”