NH Business Caucus Plans Red Tape Rour

CONCORD — The New Hampshire House Business Caucus announced today that it will host a Red Tape Road Tour, a series of Roundtable discussions with business owners in a variety of industries around the state to learn what excessive and over burdensome regulations are impeding their ability to succeed. 


House Business Caucus founder and Chair, Rep. Laurie Sanborn (R-Bedford) said, “We hear repeatedly from employers that the cost of complying with time consuming and unnecessary regulations – what they call “red tape” - makes our state unfriendly to operate a business.  We want to learn directly from responsible businesses the specific laws and rules that are particularly onerous. Our goal will be to create legislation next year that improves the business climate of our state and helps to bolster economic growth and job creation.”


Rep. Adam Schroadter (R-Newmarket), Vice-Chair of the House Business Caucus, stated “We like to think of New Hampshire as being a business-friendly state, but increasingly we are not perceived by others to be strong in this area.  In fact, Forbes ranks us 35th overall but 46th in terms of regulatory environment. It’s time to make it easier to do business here, not harder.  I look forward to learning how we can make things better, especially for small businesses.”


Rep Patrick Abrami (R-Stratham) Vice Chair of the House Business Caucus as well as Vice Chair of the Ways and Means Committee added, "It is up to government to help create a positive environment for businesses to thrive. It is the risk takers among us with ideas that create business and thus jobs for our citizens. The role of government is to regulate in a way that promotes honest competition. Any regulations should be applied in a way that is efficient for both government as well as business."