NHDP - GOP Budget Response Takes Page Out of Familiar Koch Brothers Playbook

NH Republicans Oppose Common-Sense Investments like Higher Education, Renew Calls to Repeal Medicaid Expansion and Provide More Tax Giveaways to Big Businesses

Concord, N.H. – The response from New Hampshire Republicans to Governor Hassan’s fiscally responsible, balanced budget proposal was as predictable as it was backward.
“Once again, New Hampshire Republicans took a page out of the failed Koch Brothers playbook with their predictable responses to Governor Hassan’s fiscally responsible, balanced budget,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Aaron Jacobs. “While Governor Hassan is focused on the priorities that will lay the foundation of a new generation of economic growth, Republicans are doubling down on their anti-middle class agenda that will take New Hampshire backward.”
Among New Hampshire Republicans’ mind-bogglingly backward responses, Speaker Shawn Jasper criticized the Governor’s decision to increase funding for higher education, 
telling the Concord Monitor, “When we look at the priorities and where to put the money given all the challenges we face, that's probably not at the top of the list.”
House Finance Chair Neal Kurk (r) also indicated that Republicans will seek to repeal affordable, quality health coverage from tens of thousands of Granite Staters, 
telling NHPR, “House Republicans have taken the position that they will not fund expanded Medicaid.”
Instead of investing in the priorities that will help New Hampshire seize its full economic potential, Senate Republicans like Jeb Bradley and Chuck Morse remainfixated on providing more tax giveaways to big businesses at the expense of middle class families.
The Nashua Telegraph cautioned that higher education and quality, affordable health care would likely suffer under Bradley’s so-called “plan,” 
warning that “Before lawmakers cut business taxes, they should first explain how they would make up the lost revenue – preferably by identifying offsets that don’t involve magical thinking or hurt the state’s most vulnerable.”
Jacobs added, “Instead of fixating on giving big businesses more tax giveaways at the expense of middle class families, Republicans should return to a serious budget conversation and support Governor Hassan’s responsible, common-sense budget that will get results for our people, businesses and economy."