NH House Republican Majority Caucus comments on HB591 Repeal of the Gas Tax

House Republican Majority Caucus Reacts to
Committee Report on HB 591
CONCORD, New Hampshire – The House Republican Majority Caucus commented on the committee report of the gas tax repeal bill, HB 591.The bill would reduce the current state gas tax by five cents a gallon.
Sponsor of HB591, Rep. James Spillane-Deerfield said, “The act of raising this tax in 2013 has hurt middle class families in rural areas of New Hampshire. It especially hurts those on fixed incomes and working families in the most rural areas who must travel long distances to reach stores or their places of employment. We should not be expecting to place the costs of widening Route 93 on the backs of the hard working and retired people in rural New Hampshire.”
"It is another disappointing example of maintaining an unnecessary tax that hurts employers and consumers alike," stated Stephen Stepanek- Amherst, for the House Republican Majority Caucus. "The real problem is that Governor Hassan insists on diverting nearly one-third of the gas tax from repairing and maintaining roads and bridges to other spending. The Governor proposes to divert over $160 million from the Highway Fund over the biennium.  We say that money should be used for our roads and bridges.Proper budgeting would return the funds diverted to public safety back to the Highway budget where it is needed.”