NHDP - NH Senate GOP Votes to Kill Bill to Ensure Balanced FY 2015

Because It Would Require the Legislature to Make Cuts to its Own Budget

Follows Pattern of Fiscal Irresponsibility from Senate GOP Who Have Pushed Reckless Budget Gimmicks and Overspent Their Own Budget for Senate Operations
Concord, N.H. -- New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement after Republicans in the Senate Finance Committee voted to kill SB 233, a fiscally responsible bill to help ensure the state ends FY 2015 with a balanced budget: 
"Senate Republicans have truly outdone themselves, as they proved once again that they have lost all credibility when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee today voted to kill legislation that would help ensure that the state ends the year with a balanced budget because the measure would require the legislature to make reductions to their own budget as well." 
"Unfortunately, this kind of fiscally irresponsible behavior has become the norm for Senate Republicans, who have pushed gimmicks like back-of-the-budget cuts and last year overspent their own budget for Senate operations by a massive amount."
“Senate Republicans need to drop the political grandstanding, take responsibility, and support the Governor’s common-sense measures to maintain a balanced budget.”  
NH1 News Investigation Reveals Senate Republicans “Seemed to Spend Like There Was No Tomorrow” When It Came to Their Own Budget
“Senate Republicans say Governor Maggie Hassan's poor leadership and management has led to the state needing to make significant spending cuts. But an NH 1 News investigation has revealed when it came to returning unspent money to the treasury, it was the State Senate that seemed to spend like there was no tomorrow… The Senate also spent nearly $15,000 on new or replaced furniture after Hassan had asked the Legislature to freeze hiring, equipment purchases and out of state travel.” [NH1, 10/7/14]
When Pushed on Budget Mismanagement, Morse Told NH1 News, “I had a lot on my plate last year” [NH1, 10/7/14]