When Does Your Lead Safety Certification Expire?



Is your 5 year lead safe EPA/HUD certification about to expire? Did you get your RRP (lead safety training) in 2010?  If so, check the date....
Wow!  Five years already?
Does it seem possible?  If you took the RRP Initial Certification Course in late 2009 or in 2010, you need the RRP Refresher!  Not sure?  call us and ask.  The good news is some of you will qualify for an EPA extension and even if you need the class it's half as much time and half as much money as you spent 5 years ago.  Take a $150  half day class and then your certification will be good for another 5 years!  Why not take a break from the snow and get it done now?    Don't get fined!  We have added many more classes throughout New Hampshire and Maine.  If you have a large group, we will even come to your location!  Call 603 203-6430 or visit our website to schedule your half-day refresher today!



Here's a sample  of upcoming dates and locations:  2/23 in Keene, 2/27, 3/6 and 3/9 in Manchester, 3/4 in Concord, 3/10 in Bangor, 3/12 in Littleton, 4/9 in Rochester and SO many more!  


Need the RRP Intial Certification?  Never took the original class? Not sure? Call us and we will help you with that, too, or look for initial class on the class list on our website.  Or email us with any questions at kate@kkirkwood.com 



Want to carry your certification a step further?
You might want to consider the State of NH  Lead Abatement certification.  As a Lead Abatement Contractor, you can bid on grant funded jobs throughout the state.  As a Lead Abatement Worker, we will put you in touch with hiring contractors who are currently in need of good, dependable, certified workers. ] We have three and four day abatement classes coming up in March.

If you missed our free webinar about the difference between lead abatement and RRP - click here for a free replay of the 45 minute webinar. Or check out this 5 minute You Tube Video
Do You need Lead Abatement Training? 
Do You need Lead Abatement Training?

What's next?


New Lead Laws Coming in NH?  Maybe...  SB 135 is in process right now.  Check our next newsletter for more information.  Meanwhile if you need a class or more info Call Ben at 603-203-6430 or Click Here to visit our website.