DNC - Marco Rubio shows his true colors in New Hampshire

Reinforcing his past history of pandering to the GOP base anytime they criticize him (see: Reform, Immigration), Marco Rubio is wasting no time in sprinting even further to the right on issue after issue. In his first appearance in New Hampshire of 2015, Rubio ticked off positions that seem more comfortable in the Breitbart.com comments section than coming from a fresh face in the GOP who can broaden the party’s appeal.


Just take a look at the coverage from Twitter of his town hall in New Hampshire today..


 He blamed the firestorm over Rudy Giuliani’s offensive comments that President Obama doesn’t love America on the media – not on Giuliani for saying them.


He said he opposes a clean DHS funding bill – a position which could lead to a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security.


And he suggested that giving undocumented immigrants access to entitlements “acts as a magnet,” while again running away from the immigration bill he once sponsored.


So don’t be fooled by Marco Rubio. He isn’t a new and different leader for the Republican Party – he’s just repackaging the same out-of-touch Republican ideas we’ve heard forever.


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