NHDP Statement on Marco Rubio’ s Visit to the Granite State

Concord, N.H. -- New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement on Marco Rubio’s visit today and tomorrow to the Granite State:


“Marco Rubio is in New Hampshire to convince Granite Staters that he’s a fresh face for the GOP, but the reality is he’s just a new package for the same failed Republican ideas of the past 30 years. Rubio isn’t a principled leader pushing new ideas; he’s simply a self-interested, opportunistic politician. Perhaps that’s why one of his first meetings in New Hampshire is with Scott Brown."
“Rubio has championed the GOP’s failed economic agenda that has hurt the middle class while boosting those at the very top – from defending tax loopholes and tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, to supporting turning Medicare into a voucher program, to opposing paycheck fairness, even saying that ensuring pay equity for women was ‘wasting time.’"

"Rubio's backward agenda is no different than the rest of the Republican field and would be devastating for New Hampshire's small businesses, middle class families and economy."