NHDP - NH Republican Legislators Follow US Sen Ayotte’s Lead, Play Politics with Critical Safety Funds





After Watching Ayotte Play Politics with Funding for DHS, NH GOP Legislators Are Following Suit as they Block Federal Funds for Public Safety


Concord, N.H. – Kelly Ayotte has for weeks played politics with the safety of New Hampshire communities, holding funding for the Department of Homeland Security hostage to appease her Tea Party base.


Now New Hampshire Republicans in the state legislature appear to be following Ayotte’s lead by blocking federal funds to promote public safety. The Republican members of the Legislative Fiscal Committee last week voted to block millions of dollars in federal funds that would support critical priorities such as combating substance misuse, improving school safety, and supporting local fire fighters.


“After watching for weeks as Kelly Ayotte played politics with funds for critical public safety priorities, it’s hardly a surprise that New Hampshire Republican legislators are now following her lead,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Protecting our communities is something that we should all be able to agree on, and blocking critical safety funds in order to appease the far-right wing of the Republican Party is simply as low as it gets. “


“Instead of working to bring New Hampshire’s tradition of bipartisan problem-solving to Washington, Kelly Ayotte is bringing Washington’s partisanship and dysfunction to the Granite State,” added Buckley.




Republicans on the Fiscal Committee Block Millions in Federal Funds

“Republican committee members voted to delay several decisions on whether to accept and spend roughly $9 million in federal and other funds that would pay for a program to collect data on violent deaths in New Hampshire, hire an investigator for a state drug task force, fund positions to promote child safety and mental health, and pay for a new fire truck, among other things.” [Concord Monitor, 2/22/15]


Among New Hampshire Republicans’ reckless partisan actions were:


Blocking federal funds to better collect and analyze data related to violent deaths occurring in the state (pg. 86).


Blocking the Department of Justice from using federal forfeiture dollars to hire a full-time Criminal Justice Investigator for the purpose of statewide investigations of drug related activities (pg. 116).


Blocking grant funding for a highway safety program allowing State Police to collect better and timelier data on highway crashes (pg. 95).


Blocking more than $1.9 million in federal funds for Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education) in order to promote child safety and mental health. Project AWARE will serve approximately 4,000 children, youth and families per year and train approximately 700 youth-serving adults per year in New Hampshire (pg. 101).


Blocking federal funds for the purchase of a mini-pumper fire truck and personal protective equipment (pg. 44).


Blocking school safety funding to assist local schools in the development of Emergency Operations Plans (pg. 74).