“Electric, Energizing” … “Swagger” … “Pulled No Punches” … “Fired-Up” … “An Impressive Showing” … “Bold Words … “Reaganesque” … “Greeted With Applause And Cheers Of Approval”

American Spectator’s Emily Zanotti: “Perry Was Electric, Energizing The Tired Audience With His Trademark Texas-Sized Personality…” “This morning’s round of Presidential contenders featured the Texas governor and Sen. Marco Rubio, but where Rubio was steadfast and eminently relatiable, Rick Perry was electric, energizing the tired audience with his trademark Texas-sized personality and his brand new hipster glasses.” (American Spectator, 2/27/15)

•    Zanotti: “Rick Perry Is Far Better At Mornings Than I Am. Rick Perry Might Be Better At Mornings Than Almost Anyone.” (American Spectator, 2/27/15)

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “Perry Made An Impressive Showing… A Shot Across The Bow Of Other Candidates…” “Perry made an impressive showing, demonstrating that he knows his stuff on foreign policy and can talk authoritatively about his economic and regulatory accomplishments. It was a shot across the bow of other candidates: This is not the Perry of 2012.” (The Washington Post’s “Right Turn” Blog, 2/27/15)

•    Rubin: “And To Great Applause, He Vowed That ‘We Even Survived Jimmy Carter. We Can Survive The Obama Years, Too.’” (The Washington Post’s “Right Turn” Blog, 2/27/15)

•    Rubin: “In The Q And A [Perry] Did Extremely Well…” “In the Q and A he did extremely well, delineating his success in lowering pollutants with incentive-based regulations and reiterating that he secured the border when Obama would not.” (The Washington Post’s “Right Turn” Blog, 2/27/15)

Politico’s Daniel Lippman: “Perry Struck An Energetic And Strident Tone…” “Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry struck an energetic and strident tone against terrorism, illegal immigration and President Barack Obama as he spoke to conservative and libertarian activists on Friday morning here at the Conservative Political Action Conference.” (Politico, 2/27/15)

The Hill’s Jonathan Easley: “The Big Talking Texan Can Still Work A Crowd… His Texas Swagger Was Well-Received Among Conservatives At The Conference…” “The big talking Texan can still work a crowd. He walked on stage to AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black,’ and his Texas swagger was well-received among conservatives at the conference.” (The Hill, 2/27/15)

The Blaze’s Zach Noble: Perry “Pulled No Punches…” “Addressing the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference Friday morning, the former governor pulled no punches as he attacked the Obama administration and touted himself as the kind of leader America needs.” (The Blaze, 2/27/15)

•    Noble: “He Took The Stage To AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’ And Bragged About Texas. That’s Rick Perry For You.” (The Blaze, 2/27/15)

•    The Blaze Headline: “Rick Perry’s Texas-Sized Speech Fires Up Conservative Activists” (The Blaze, 2/27/15)

The Washington Times’ David Sherfinski: “A Fired-Up Rick Perry…” “A fired-up Rick Perry warned the crowd Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Washington that ‘at no time in the last 25 years has the future been more uncertain and the world more dangerous than it is today.’” (The Washington Times, 2/27/15)

Texas Tribune’s Abby Livingston: “Perry Held The Crowd With Withering Criticisms Of President Obama’s Foreign Policy.” (Texas Tribune, 2/27/15)

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman: “Many Lines In His Speech Were Greeted With Applause And Cheers Of Approval…” “Still, Mr. Perry has a conservative record as a former Texas governor, and many lines in his speech were greeted with applause and cheers of approval.” (The New York Times, 2/27/15)

Fox News’ “Insider” Blog: “An Animated Address… Drew A Big Ovation…” “In an animated address (watch below), Perry lambasted the president for his refusal to acknowledge that ISIS is a ‘religious movement.’ … And he drew a big ovation with this line.  ‘We had a Civil War, two World Wars, we survived a depression. We even survived Jimmy Carter. We will survive the Obama years too!’ said Perry.” (Fox News’ “Insider” Blog, 2/27/15)

Townhall’s Cortney O’Brien: Perry “Had Some Bold Words For The Obama Administration And A Congress That Has Done Little To Secure Not Only Our Foreign Security, But Our Own Borders.” “‘At no time has the world been more dangerous,’ former Texas Governor Rick Perry said not long after he took the stage at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Perry, who is rumored to run for president next year, had some bold words for the Obama administration and a Congress that has done little to secure not only our foreign security, but our own borders.” (Townhall, 2/27/15)

Breitbart’s Bob Price: “Perry Received A Strong Positive Reaction From The Audience…” “Former Texas Governor Rick Perry received a strong positive reaction from the audience at CPAC when he said America must secure its border before we can talk about immigration reform.” (Breitbart, 2/27/15)

•    Price: “In A Reaganesque Moment, Perry Made His Third And Final Point, Stating, ‘I Have Never Been More Certain Than I Am Today That America’s Best Days Are In Front Of Her.’” (Breitbart, 2/27/15)

National Review’s Andrew Johnson: “The Room Was Close To Full When Perry Took The Stage, With Attendees Crowding In…” “The room was close to full when Perry took the stage, with attendees crowding in to find out how he would recast himself as he reportedly considers another presidential bid.” (National Review, 2/27/15)

Dallas Morning News’ Todd J. Gillam: “Perry Blasted The President For Maltreating Israel…” “Perry blasted the president for maltreating Israel even as it refuses to quash Iran’s nuclear ambitions.” (Dallas Morning News, 2/27/15)

CNN: Perry “Slugged Obama… For His Handling Of Foreign Threats Like ISIS.” “Perry also slugged Obama – who was the sole focus of his speech and remarks in a subsequent question-and-answer session, unlike other Republicans who have hit Hillary Clinton or other party members – for his handling of foreign threats like ISIS.” (CNN, 2/27/15)

The Associated Press: “Perry Slammed President Barack Obama’s Approach To Dealing With World Leaders…” “Perry slammed President Barack Obama’s approach to dealing with world leaders, arguing that the world would be safer if the White House took a harder line approach.” (The Associated Press, 2/27/15)