CAPITAL - Politics Preview for Feb. 6, 2015

The Boston Globe



Here is the preview for tomorrow's Capital headlines:

  • Cover Story: A piece by Frank Phillips about the surprisingly large number of Democrats in Gov. Charlie Baker's Cabinet and what that may mean for policy decisions.
  • Other Features Include: A story from Akilah Johnson about how the secrecy of the party caucuses on Beacon Hill stands in sharp contrast to those in Vermont; And a column from James Pindell about what presidential candidates need to do to impress Mitt Romney's New Hampshire coalition.
  • Plus: How newly declassified Air Force records from the 1940s-60s reveal numerous UFO reports in New England; And a story about Katrina Swett, a N.H. politician who is now leading a dramatic campaign against the Saudi government's cruel punishment of a free-speech activist. 
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