NH House Republican Majority Caucus comments on vehicle inspections

Re: House Republican Majority caucus comments on vehicle inspections


The House Republican Majority Caucus released a statement today on 
HB387, a bill the extends the vehicle inspection to every two years.  
"This bill would save consumers money and time while still providing 
basic safety inspections for every vehicle.  The vast majority of 
vehicle owners replace their wipers, light bulbs and brakes as needed.  
Having an annual inspection instead of a biennial has no empirical data 
to support the need. Opponents have claimed this will be a major safety 
issue, but the sponsors know vehicle owners are responsible enough to 
address safety concerns as they arise," stated Rep. James Spillane, 
Deerfield, and prime sponsor.


"The frequency of vehicle inspections has no correlation with accident rates stated Rep. Carol McGuire, Epsom and co-sponsor. "It is interesting how many of the opponents of changing to bienniel inspections work in the automobile industry."

The bill is currently in the House Transportation committee awaiting final vote before going to the house floor.