WDLNH Letter to NH Senate






SB 116 - Women's Defense League letter to NH Senate

The Legislative Committee of the Women's Defense League sent the following letter to New Hampshire Senators in support of SB 116.

We fully expect each Senator's support to bring women's rights into the 21st century.

Dear Senators,

We’d like to introduce ourselves.  We are the Women’s Defense League of NewHampshire and we represent members in every one of your districts.  We provide women opportunities to learn practical self-defense skills while defending 2nd Amendment rights.  We are an education, training and legislative organization that is specific to New Hampshire.  We are a non-partisan, non-political organization except when it comes to our right to self-defense.

We are writing you today to urge your support of SB 116.  As women, we know that the majority of women choose to concealed carry for obvious reasons.  We believe that current New Hampshire law violates women’s rights by forcing women to fill out an application; get references; pay a fee; and be subjected to the discretionary profiling of her local Chief of Police.  Worse, and even dangerous, is the fact that a woman who might be subject of stalking has to lock herself in her home and wait for as many as 14 days before she can legally leave her home with the ability to protect herself.

The current pistol license laws are are a result of racism in the early 1920s; sadly, they have now morphed into anti-women’s rights laws that impede women from protecting themselves outside the home.

Many of you have purported your support for equal rights for women.  We expect that you will indeed support SB 116 as it is truly a pro-choice, pro-women’s rights bill.  Not only does it allow women the choice of actually getting a license or not but it allows women to freely exercise their rights to defend themselves and their families. 

SB 116 does not trump federal law as some have claimed.  Only those who are legally allowed to purchase and possess firearms will be able to do so, as it is today.  It does not allow minors to concealed carry without the express written permission of their parents as has been claimed, nor does it cost the state of New Hampshire $900,000 in revenue.  That number is not verifiable nor is it even relatively close to the under $300,000 that the permit and licensing division claims as revenue. 

SB 116 does not put the law out of balance as others have claimed.  What is does is finally balance women’s rights and brings them into the 21st century.

If you are truly a supporter of women’s rights, we expect that you’ll be in support of SB 116.  We are looking forward to your ‘YEA’ vote on a motion of ought-to-pass with no amendments on this bill.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us directly, please contact media@womensdefenseleaguenh.com or MediaWDLNH@gmail.com

We will see you at the State House and thank you for all of your hard work.

Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire
Legislative Committee