NH Senate defeats effort to comply with REAL ID

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office


Concord, NH – Senate Transportation Committee Chair Nancy Stiles (R-Hampton) issued the following statement on the NH’s Senate’s xx-xx vote defeating SB 262, which would have entered New Hampshire into the federal REAL ID Program.


“Since 2007, New Hampshire law has prohibited participation in the federal Real ID program. We’ve had a policy for 8 years that protects the privacy of Granite Staters and there is no urgency to make that change now.  Since that time, we have taken several important steps to improve the security of our drivers licenses, and I’m confident that documents issued by the New Hampshire Department of Safety address the legitimate security concerns addressed by the 911 Commission Report.”


“However, there has never been any need for New Hampshire drivers to include their pictures and Social Security numbers in a federal database. This would not enhance security, but it would threaten the privacy of New Hampshire residents. We have seen federal databases breached in recent years.”


“This bill would create a two-tiered system of licenses in New Hampshire, forcing our citizens to choose between protecting their privacy and complying with the national identification system under Real ID. This is a false choice, and an unnecessary one. New Hampshire is among 33 states and territories that are not compliant with Real ID, yet the Department of Homeland Security is not threatening to turn away drivers from other states.”


“The last time DHS threatened to reject New Hampshire licenses, Governor Lynch stood up it and ensured that New Hampshire licenses would continue to be honored. Governor Hassan should take similar steps, and enforce our state law keeping New Hampshire out of Real ID.”