NHDP - NH House GOP Tries to Keep Budget Decisions Out of the Light of Day

NH1 News Political Report Details Major “Transparency No-No” from Republicans on House Finance Committee

Concord, N.H. – Kevin Landrigan’s NH1 News Political Report details a major “transparency no-no” from New Hampshire House Republicans as they attempted to hold “public” budget meetings in a room closed off from the public and the press.
NH1 News reports, “A House Finance Committee working group narrowly averted a Right-to-Know crisis this week. Division 2 of the budget subcommittee made plans to meet during Wednesday's House session in the legislative break room. Oops! That's a transparency no-no since only legislators - not the public or the press - are allowed in that anteroom. They called off the discussion noting they had failed to publicly notice the session far enough in advance.”
“It’s disturbing that House Republicans tried to keep their budget decisions out of the light of day and only moved their meeting to a public room after coming under fire for their complete lack of transparency,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “This latest episode further shows that New Hampshire Republicans’ political posturing on transparency is nothing but cheap talk.”