Cooler Heads Digest 13 March 2015

13 March 2015

In the News

Green Energy Subsidies Double under Obama
Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller, 13 March 2015

Barack Goes Berserk on Climate “Deniers”
James Rust, Master Resource, 13 March 2015

With New EPA Regulations, Obama Turns Back on Middle Class
Drew Johnson, Sun Prairie Star, 13 March 2015

CEI Files Suit over EPA’s Glacial “Richard Windsor” Production
Chris Horner,, 12 March 2015

Investigation of Funding for Climate Skeptics Countered by “Warmist” Probe
Valerie Richardson, Washington Times, 12 March 2015

Researcher Punished for Exposing Climate Fraud Beats UCLA
Matt Lamb, The College Fix, 12 March 2015

Blowing More Tax Dollars on Wind Subsidies
Fred Lucas, The Blaze, 12 March 2015

EPA Thinks You Are Stupid
Alan Caruba, Warning Signs, 11 March 2015

EPA Is Racing against Time To Pummel the Private Sector
Seton Motley, Human Events, 10 March 2015

Climate Change: It’s Real Because of the Children
James Delingpole, Breitbart, 10 March 2015

Is Climate Policy Sustainable? Sobering Slides on the EU’s Climate Treaty Proposal
Marlo Lewis,, 4 March 2015

News You Can Use
Marlo Lewis

Uneconomical Ethanol

At current prices, a typical motorist must spend an extra $900-$2,400 annually to run a flex-fuel vehicle on E85 (motor fuel made with 85% ethanol) than on regular gasoline, according to the EPA-DOE Web site FuelEconomy.Gov. The reason is that ethanol has one-third less energy by volume than gasoline. Thus, the higher the ethanol blend, the worse mileage your car gets, and the more you have to spend on fuel to travel a given distance. For further discussion, see Root Cause of Ethanol ‘Blend Wall’? Consumers Don’t Like Ripoffs.     

Inside the Beltway
Myron Ebell

Secretary Kerry Gives Speech on “Road to Paris”

U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry gave a major speech in Washington, DC on 12th March as part of the Atlantic Council’s Road to Paris Climate series.  There was little that was new or interesting in the speech, although Kerry did give a different explanation of how the greenhouse effect works than the one he gave in Jakarta on 16th February 2014. Here is Kerry’s new explanation:

“And with added heat comes an altered environment. It’s not particularly complicated. I don’t mean to sound haughty, but think about it for a minute. Life on Earth would not exist without a greenhouse effect. That is what has kept the average temperature up, until recently, at 57 degrees Fahrenheit, because there is this greenhouse effect. And it was called the greenhouse effect because it does exactly what a greenhouse does. When the sun pours in and bounces off at a different angle, it goes back up at a different angle. That can’t escape, and that warms things – a very simple proposition.”

He is still clueless, but this is a big improvement on his moronic explanation in Jakarta last year

Secretary Kerry also claimed that, “A report that the Department of Energy released this morning actually projects that in the United States, wind power is going to be directly competitive with conventional energy technologies within the next 10 years.”  That will be news to wind industry boosters, who have claimed for several years that wind energy is already cheaper than conventional energy. 

Across the States
Myron Ebell

Nine Likely Republican Presidential Candidates Take Positions on Ethanol Mandate at Iowa Ag Summit

Ethanol tycoon Bruce Rastetter hosted most of the potential Republican presidential candidates at the Iowa Agricultural Summit on 7th March.  Naturally, one of the main questions was, Where do you stand on the federal corn ethanol mandate?  Naturally, most of the candidates pledged their sacred honor to defending the ethanol mandate: Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham.  Most notably, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisc.) switched his position and said that he now supports the ethanol mandate.  Both Walker and Bush talked vaguely about phasing it out in the distant future.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and former Governors Rick Perry (R-Tex.) and George Pataki (R-NY) made it clear that they oppose the ethanol mandate.  If anyone doubted his refusal to pander to rural Iowans, Senator Cruz added that he also opposed the wind production tax credit.  Interestingly, Cruz drew big cheers from the crowd. Perry, who has also opposed the wind PTC in the past, said that repealing the ethanol mandate needed to be part of a larger examination of subsidies and mandates.  Perry and Pataki both grew up on farms.  Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) did not attend the summit.

The Wall Street Journal put it best in an editorial: “Political cynics will say we’re, well, tilting at windmills by expecting politicians to swear off energy subsidies, but that merely proves our point about the Iowa caucuses. If they were thinking bigger, Republicans would understand that they’ll have more credibility to reform social welfare if they oppose corporate welfare.”

Around the World
Myron Ebell

Cuba’s Pristine Environment under Threat

The National Press Club held a Newsmaker press conference on 10th March at which marine biologist David Guggenheim discussed the threats to Cuba’s marine environment if it rejoins the modern world.  Dr. Guggenheim, president of Ocean Doctor, showed clips from his film, “Frozen in Time: Cuba’s Pristine Coral Reefs and Their Future After the Embargo.”     

The entire documentary will be screened at the 23rd Environmental Film Festival, which will be held from 17th to  29th March in Washington, DC.   

I did not attend the press conference, but according to the press release Dr. Guggenheim believes that dire poverty and political oppression, which he refers to as “Cuba’s relative isolation” have “actually been good for its environment.”  And therefore he is concerned that ending the embargo could increase economic activity and thereby harm the environment.  

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