NHDP - GOP Senator Mark Kirk Slams Republican Colleagues for Playing Politics with Trafficking Bill






Kirk Said, “My Wish is That We Hadn’t Junked That [Trafficking] Bill Up”

Concord, N.H. – As Kelly Ayotte continues to play politics with women’s health at the expense of human trafficking victims, Republican Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) slammed Ayotte and Senate Republicans for including extraneous provisions in an anti-trafficking bill that restrict women’s access to health care.
Kirk told Roll Call, “My wish is that we hadn’t junked that bill up with abortion politics… Let’s just stand for the principle that we are all against slavery and keep the bill clean of extraneous provisions, and that applies to [Department of Homeland Security] appropriations, too.”
As Kirk alluded to, Ayotte also held homeland security funding hostage for weeks in order to appease her Tea Party base with extraneous policy riders.