NH House Majority Caucus announces potential Presidential Candidate series

The House Republican Majority Caucus (HRMC) announced today a series of events with Republican presidential candidates.  The group will be inviting prospective Republican candidates to speak before New Hampshire Republican activists each month, over the next several months.
Mr. Donald Trump will be kicking off this series of events starting this Thursday, March 19th .  Rep. Stephen Stepanek will be hosting Mr. Trump at his home in Amherst.

“Reaching the base of our activists is critical for any presidential candidate.  These events will bring our conservative activist base to the candidates in an open, candid forum,” commented Rep. Stephen Stepanek. 

“Purpose behind the series is to give the Republican Conservative presidential candidates the exposure they deserve in New Hampshire.    These forums will provide the important connection our Conservative candidates and primary voters need,” stated William L. O’Brien for the HRMC.

 Future potential presidential candidates include Senator Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Governor Scott Walker and Senator Marco Rubio.  The dates are being confirmed.