Actor/Director Nick Searcy (Justified, Cast Away, Moneyball, Fried Green Tomatoes) has signed on to direct the movie GOSNELL, the record breaking crowdfunded film which will tell the true story of the Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell, whose conviction in 2013 exposed him as perhaps America's most prolific serial killer.

As an actor, Searcy has been a consistent presence in television and films for over 20 years.  As a director, his first feature film, CAROLINA LOW, is set to be released later this year. 


Searcy, who has just finished filming the sixth and last season of the hit cable series JUSTIFIED, said he is thrilled to take on the challenge of directing GOSNELL. Searcy is repped by APA and Haven Entertainment.


“I am both excited and humbled by the opportunity to have a part in bringing this important American story to the screen,” he said. “It is a story that many in Hollywood were unwilling to tell, and I am grateful to Ann, Phelim and Magdalena for having the courage to tell it.”


Kermit Gosnell was described by ABC news correspondent Terry Moran as America's most successful serial killer. It is thought that Gosnell, who ran an abortion clinic in Philadelphia, killed hundreds, perhaps even thousands of live babies and several women in a forty year killing spree.  The clinic itself was an unsanitary "House of Horrors" with unsupervised teenagers administering anesthetics, and several women also died. Gosnell is serving life in prison without the possibility of parole. His trial and conviction was particularly controversial because it went largely unreported by the media - prompting allegations of a "cover-up by  journalists" not wanting to cast a harsh spotlight on abortion.


The Gosnell Movie was financed through a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign raising  over $2.25m from 27,000 people on the website Indiegogo. The Gosnell Movie was by far the biggest crowdfunding campaign for a movie on the crowdfunding site, and is the third-highest crowdfunding movie project ever.


“To me, there are three aspects to this story that are fascinating: 1) what happened, 2) why it was allowed to happen, and 3) why no one wanted to talk about it after it happened,” Searcy said. “I feel a deep responsibility to our many investors to answer these questions with the film.” 


Gosnell is being produced by husband and wife filmmaking team Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney with their colleague Magdalena Segieda. John Sullivan (2016, America) is executive producing.


McElhinney said they are delighted that Searcy has signed up direct the film.

"From the moment we told Nick about the project he has been an enthusiastic supporter. He helped with fundraising and crafting the story. He was a natural and obvious choice for director because of his talent and because he cares about the story so much."

Please include the link to the Indiegogo page in all stories about the Gosnell project. The Gosnell Movie will be a crime drama, not a documentary as some previously reported.
About the filmmakers:

Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney are a married filmmaking team. They work with Magdalena Segieda in their independent production company Hat Tip Films and are based in Los Angeles, CA.

Nick Searcy has been a constant presence in television and film for over 20 years. He has starred in numerous roles from independent film to studio blockbusters, including Moneyball, Runaway Jury, Cast Away, and Fried Green Tomatoes. He has just finished six season run playing Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Art Mullen in FX’s Justified. He has also had series of regular roles in 7 days, American Gothic, From the Earth to The Moon, Rodney and Easy Money. He has also guest-starred on numerous shows including Hawaii 5-0, Mom, Hot in Cleveland, Archer, The Mentalist, Without a Trace, The West Wing, CSI and NCIS.

Phelim McAleer is a filmmaker and investigative journalist. He most recently produced and directed FrackNation - a documentary to uncover the truth about Fracking. He has produced documentaries for CBC (Canada) and RTE (Ireland) and two independent feature length documentaries. Before becoming a filmmaker, Phelim was a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times in Eastern Europe. He also covered Romania and Bulgaria for The Economist. Before that he covered Ireland for the UK Sunday Times. He has worked as a filmmaker and journalist in many countries including Romania, Uganda, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Chile, Indonesia, Canada and China. McAleer has appeared on or is a regular contributor to an array of international media organizations including Fox News, CNN and the BBC. He has been interviewed on over 100 US and international radio shows.

Ann McElhinney is a filmmaker and investigative journalist most recently producing and directing FrackNation. She has produced documentaries for the BBC, CBC (Canada) and RTE (Ireland). She has written for a series of newspapers including The UK Sunday Times and the Irish Times. Ann has worked as a filmmaker and journalist in many countries including Indonesia, Romania, Vietnam, Cambodia, Uganda, Madagascar and Uzbekistan. She has appeared on or is a regular contributor to an array of international media organizations including ABC, BBC, CBC (Canada), ABC (Australia), RTE (Ireland) and Fox News. She is a regular on a number of US talk radio shows including Hugh Hewitt and the Dennis Miller. A well known public speaker she has spoken most recently at conferences in Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, Phoenix, San Diego, St. Louis, Santa Barbara and Salt Lake City.

Magdalena Segieda was born in 1982 in Szczecin, Poland. She studied political science and international relations. In 2007, she worked on a documentary for Polish state television (TVP), shot in Dublin. Right after, she met two Irish filmmakers, Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. McElhinney and McAleer had just returned to Ireland to start pre-production for a feature documentary, Not Evil Just Wrong. Ms Segieda was involved in all aspects of the production of the film. Ms Segieda moved with the filmmakers to Washington, DC and worked on the independent distribution of the film. After the team relocated to Los Angeles, she worked on Hypocrites, a series of short films, released online, taking a critical look at celebrities who run anti-development environmental campaigns. Most recently, she co-directed the feature length documentary FrackNation - A journalist's search for the fracking truth.

John Sullivan is a writer, director and producer. Three of his films are in the Top 25 grossing theatrical documentaries of all-time. He mostly recently co-directed and co-wrote the hit films America and 2016: Obama’s America with Dinesh D’Souza. These two film have combined for nearly $50mm at the box office. 2016 is the #2 political documentary of all-time with America reaching #6. He also produced the film Expelled with Ben Stein on academic freedom which is the #8 political documentary of all-time. John started his 30-year entertainment career in concert promotion at the age of 15. This early experience gave him a deep appreciation for entrepreneurship, hard work and being a small business owner.