AmericaNext - ICYMI: Jindal: Obama UN Threat Over Israel 'Reckless and Dangerous'

Michael Warren

March 19, 2015 12:27 PM

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal responded to a report that the Obama administration may consider changing the United States's longstanding position of defending Israel within the United Nations against criticism of that country's settlements. “We are signaling that if the Israeli government’s position is no longer to pursue a Palestinian state, we’re going to have to broaden the spectrum of options we pursue going forward,” an unnamed official told Politico. The consequence of the U.S. standing down in the UN could include sanctions against Israel from the international body.

Jindal called the White House's signaling "reckless and dangerous" in a statement provided to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

"President Obama’s recklessness abroad has now reached a new and frightening level," reads Jindal's statement. "The Administration’s threat today to change America’s posture at the United Nations with regard to support for Israel is reckless and dangerous for both the security of Israel and our own security.  This is consistent with the Obama Administration’s policy of treating our friends like enemies and our enemies like friends." The statement continues:

This is either a reckless threat from the President, or it is a signal that he is indeed planning to steer America away from our historic commitment to support and defend our greatest ally in the Middle East.   Make no mistake, this action, combined with the potential of the President striking a deal to allow Iran to become a nuclear power, is not in the security interests of the United States of America.

It is high time for the public to know if the President’s former secretary of state and likely Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports these new threats by the Obama Administration to walk away from defending Israel.

TWS has contacted the Clinton's office for a statement but has not yet received a response.