NH Sen Bradley announces Workers Comp Deal

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Bill provides 7.5% savings for businesses and government


Concord, NH – Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) today applauded committee approval of a bill aimed at lowering workers compensation costs across New Hampshire. The Senate Commerce Committee has given its unanimous approval to SB 3, sending the bill to the Senate floor next week. Bradley has been working with employers and health care providers over the past three months to find a way to bring down costs. New Hampshire currently has the 9th highest Workers Compensation costs in the nation.


“This agreement will bring real savings to New Hampshire businesses, making it more affordable to create new jobs,” Bradley said. “It will also lower costs to state and local government, helping to balance budgets and keep taxes low.”


The bill approved by the Commerce Committee would lower medical costs charged under the state’s Workers Compensation program, and freeze those rates for three years. It would also require providers to justify disputed charges. Current law gives employers little recourse when presented with high medical bills. The bill would also improve transparency and accountability by giving employers more information on what competing providers are charging. Overall, SB 3 is expected to bring down medical costs under workers compensation by 7.5%. This is the first comprehensive reform to New Hampshire’s Workers Compensation Program since 1989.


“High workers compensation costs are a real barrier to economic growth, and bringing them down has been a top Senate priority,” added Commerce Committee Chair Russell Prescott (R-Exeter). “I’m pleased that we were able to reach a bipartisan consensus that addresses the needs of business and health care providers. Knowing more about the cost and quality of health care under workers comp is a breakthrough that will improve a program providing essential protections for New Hampshire workers injured on the job.”