DNC Response to Rand Paul Comments on Women in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, Rand Paul is suddenly eager to talk about a “war on women.” But on issues important to women and their families, Rand Paul has consistently been wrong, if not openly antagonistic…


  • ·         Violence Against Women Act
  • ·         Women’s Right to Make Their Own Health Care Decisions – On women’s health, Rand Paul would take decisions away from women and their doctors and place them in the hands of people like himself in Congress:


Below is a response to Rand Paul’s comments in New Hampshire from DNC National Press Secretary Holly Shulman:


“Rand Paul hopes his rhetoric will land him some headlines, but it can’t hide his deplorable record on issues important to women and their families. Paul continues to insist he’s the candidate who can broaden the GOP’s appeal to new constituencies, all while pushing an agenda that harms the very groups he’s asking for support from. If Rand Paul suddenly cares about women’s rights, then he needs to support equal pay, support the Violence Against Women Act, and support access to women’s health services. Until then, we don’t want to hear it.”  


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