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Stagnation Will be Permanent 
Unless We Think Long Term

All too often for politicians the big picture can get lost by paying too much attention to details. The state’s budget season is a poster child for not being able to see the forest for the trees. The difficulty for politicians is that we expect them to simultaneously focus on the big picture and to pay strict attention to the details that threaten to obscure the big picture. However, our future as a state depends less on the particular lines of a spreadsheet and more on long term changes that will affect our future. Click here to keep reading.

Transparency in NH: 
Progress and Worrying Trends

Improvements in technology has made more data available than ever before and the Right to Know Law has been tweaked and expanded to cover newer forms of communications, like emails. However, despite the state’s strong commitment to transparency, it still needs defending. The current governor has repeatedly refused to release certain budget documents to local papers, and there is legislation that would allow the state and local governments charge people who file requests for public documents. Needless to say, both threaten to roll back the great progress made on transparency. Click here to keep reading.