NH Speaker Jasper Calls for Apology


“I made it clear when I was elected speaker that I would demand that our members maintain respect for each other, for the institution and for our guests from the public who come to the State House complex to conduct business.  I totally understand one’s right to freedom of speech but we all  need to be sensitive to the audience that we are addressing.  One does not have the right to yell “fire” in a crowded in theatre and claim freedom of speech.  Rep. Groen clearly crossed the line in his remarks during the debate on the Red Tailed Hawk.  Not only was it in extremely poor taste but it also violated Mason’s Rules which governs debate, that “No one is to speak impertinently (or rudely).” The comment drawing a correlation between the Red Tailed Hawk and Planned Parenthood was offensive on many levels and I believe Rep. Groen owes an apology to not only the children of the Lincoln Ackerman School in Hampton Falls, but to his constituents and to his colleagues in the House.”