NH House Republican Majority Caucus (HRMC) comments on tanning bill

The House Republican Majority Caucus issued the following statement on the passage of HB 136, a bill that would take away from parents the right to give permission to their teenagers to get an indoor tan.

"Today, 199 members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to tell parents that their elected representatives are more intelligent than they are and more caring of their children," stated Rep Pam Tucker, Greenland. "They told parents of young ladies and gentlemen, going to their senior prom, "No, you cannot make that trip to the tanning booth before one of the biggest nights of your life."

"This new law would be an invitation to more nanny government.  What's next, mandated use of sunscreen?  Subsides for sunscreen?  We can only hope that the senate knows more about the New Hampshire traditions of individualism and supporting the family than the 199 representatives who seem to know about Washington overreach," noted Rep. Jeanine Notter- Merrimack.