NH House Finance to take hearings on the road



Public Testimony to be Taken in Conway and Derry


Concord---New Hampshire citizens will have the opportunity to address members of the House Finance Committee with concerns about the State Budget at two separate locations this coming week. Rep. Neal Kurk (R-Weare), the Chairman of House Finance, said that the committee is looking forward to hearing from the voters.  “It is important that we try to accommodate those members of the public who simply cannot make it to the public hearings at the State House during the day,” said Kurk.  “By holding hearings both in the northern and southern part of the state, our working population, if they choose, will be able to speak directly to the members of House Finance about their concerns with the state budget. I hope that the citizens of our state will take advantage of this opportunity”.


The public hearings will be held on Monday, March 9, from at the following locations:

                                                Kennett High School (6 pm)


                                                409 Eagles Way

                                                Conway, NH


                                                Derry Town Hall (5 pm

                                                14 Manning St.

                                                Derry, NH