After a rough first two months for “One-Term Wonder” Frank Guinta and the Republican Congress, it’s time to take a look at their report card. The good news for Guinta – he has clearly earned his degree in jumping from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis from the Republican School of Political Dysfunction. The bad news for New Hampshire voters — while Congressman Guinta and the Republicans have been busy playing political games with our national security, they’ve failed to do enough to help middle class families. That’s a lot of F’s.
In just two months, Congressman Guinta has already failed to govern and has been nothing more than a cog in the Republican dysfunction machine,” said DCCC spokesperson Matt Thornton.  “Hardworking folks in New Hampshire deserve better than manufactured crises and political games. With that kind of record, Guinta shouldn’t expect voters to let him graduate past his freshman term.”

Frank Guinta (NH-01)

Guinta Contributed To Washington Dysfunction, Playing Games With Homeland Security Funding:
Guinta Voted Four Times Against Clean DHS Funding Bill. In January 2015, Guinta voted against a motion that would allow a clean version of the Homeland Security funding bill—without amendments defunding Obama’s executive order on immigration—to pass, removing the threat of shutdown for the Department. Guinta voted against three more similar measures in February 2015. [HR 240, Vote #34, 1/14/15; H Res 100, Vote #71, 2/11/15; H Res 101, Vote #77, 2/12/15; H Res 121, Vote #86, 2/25/15]
Guinta Joined Republican Leadership In 56th Vote To Repeal Healthcare Protections:
Guinta Voted For A Full Repeal Of The ACA. In February 2010, Guinta voted, according to CQ, “to abolish the 2010 health care law in Congress’ first repeal vote of the year … The House has voted more than 50 times to roll back all or portions of the law.” The bill passed 239 to 186. [HR 596, Vote #58, 2/03/15; CQ News, 2/03/15]
Guinta Called Out By FEC For Campaign Finance Violations:
HEADLINE: AP: “FEC Hits Guinta with Finance Violations.” [AP, 1/09/15]
Guinta Failed To Properly Report Campaign Contributions, Accepted Donations In Excess Of The Legal Limit. “The Federal Election Commission is hitting U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta with campaign finance violations. The commission says Guinta's post-election finance reports included donations that exceeded the legal limits and failed to properly record several contributions. . . .  This is not the first time Guinta has been on the Federal Election Commission's radar. Guinta gave himself a $355,000 loan during his 2010 primary campaign. He amended a financial disclosure form to include a new $500,000 bank account after facing questions of where the money came from, prompting the state Democratic Party to file a complaint. The commission is still investigating.” [AP, 1/09/15]