“Connects With Iowa Audience” … “Upbeat, Confident And With A Message” … “Clearly Talks The Language Of Ag”

Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Henry J. Gomez: “If [Iowa Ag Summit] Is Contest For ‘Who's Most Like Us’, Perry Wins In A Walk.” Gomez Tweet: “If #IowaAgSummit is contest for ‘who's most like us’, Perry wins in a walk. He's so comfortable, directing answers to crowd, not Rastetter.” (Twitter.com, 3/7/15)

Politico’s James Hohmann: “Rick Perry Connects With Iowa Audience By Talking For 3 Minutes About His Agricultural Background…”  Hohmann Tweet: “Rick Perry connects with Iowa audience by talking for 3 minutes about his agricultural background -- then talks up support 4 free trade.” (Twitter.com, 3/7/15)

The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin: “[Perry] Comes Out Upbeat, Confident And With A Message About His Background In Ag.” Martin Tweet: “[Governor Perry] comes out upbeat, confident and with a message about his background in ag as a boy in w texas.” (Twitter.com, 3/7/15)

Former Dallas Morning News Columnist Wayne Slater: “[Perry] Clearly Talks The Language Of Ag.” Slater Tweet: “Rick Perry, raised on a farm, A&M grad, former TX agriculture commissioner, clearly talks the language of ag.” (Twitter.com, 3/7/13)

Des Moines Register’s Carol Hunter: “Perry Discusses His Ag History, Which Is Deep.” Hunter Tweet: “Rick Perry discusses his ag history, which is deep. Texas A&M grad. Early on, farmed with dad. Served as Texas ag commissioner.” (Twitter.com, 3/7/15)

  • Hunter: “Rick Perry Hits Hot-Button Issues That Haven't Been Main Topics: Bashes Dodd-Frank, Lauds XL Pipeline.” (Twitter.com, 3/7/15)

Public Television's Market To Market’s Mark Pearson: “Perry Was First To Touch On Capital Access In Ag.” Pearson Tweet: “Rick Perry: Dodd-Frank is a huge hindrance to community banks and it needs to go. Perry was first to touch on capital access in ag” (Twitter.com, 3/7/15)

BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins: “Perry Reminding Iowans Of His Agriculture Resume…” Coppins Tweet: “Rick Perry reminding Iowans of his agriculture resume: grew up on a farm,  worked as Texas Ag Commissioner for 8 years.” (Twitter.com, 3/7/15)

Des Moines Register’s Cathie Obradovich: “Perry Emphasizes His Ag Credentials, Including Former Texas Ag Commissioner.  ‘I Was Texas’ Bill Northey.’” (Twitter.com, 3/7/15)

WHO’s Dave Price: “[Governor Perry] Leaning In Chair To Audience. Don’t Remember Others Doing That. Speaking More To Crowd Than Just Rastetter.” (Twitter.com, 3/7/15)