NHDP - ICYMI: Newspapers Across the State Highlight Mounting Outcry Against House Republicans’ Irresponsible Budget Cuts

Coverage Makes Front Pages of Nashua Telegraph, Concord Monitor, Valley News, Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

Concord, N.H. – Newspapers across New Hampshire continue to highlight the mounting outcry against House Republicans’ irresponsible budget, including drastic cuts to seniors and substance misuse treatment.
Today, coverage of the outcry from across the state made the front pages of the Nashua TelegraphConcord MonitorValley News and MonadnockLedger-Transcript.
See below for a roundup of coverage:
Concord Monitor: 300 bodies on the State House lawn to be a ‘wake-up’ call to N.H. lawmakers
At 8:30 tomorrow morning, 300 people will lie as if dead on the State House lawn to say that New Hampshire isn’t ready to help its citizens who suffer from substance-abuse disorders. They represent the more than 300 people who died last year in the state as a result of a drug overdose.
… Ahead of a review of the state’s budget, the bodies will serve as a reminder and hopefully a prompt to restore substance abuse-related services cut by the House Finance Committee from the governor’s proposed budget, said Joe Gallagher, communications director for New Futures, the group organizing the event.
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Valley News: Meals on Wheels Could See Cuts: Elder Services on Chopping Block in Proposed State Budget
… Roberta Berner, director of the nonprofit Grafton County Senior Citizens Council, was skeptical that state officials could slash the general fund in half while preserving Meals on Wheels.
… Berner predicted that with the proposed cuts, her organization would lose at least $600,000 in state funding annually, not counting the potential loss of federal matching funds, which could widen the gap to about $1 million.
… Toumpas and Upper Valley officials described the elimination of ServiceLink as the harshest cut.
The information service, Toumpas said, is “a trusted resource that has built up a significant amount of tentacles in the communities in which it operates. To just summarily eliminate them after years of having to pull that together is a huge issue.”
In Grafton County, nearly 3,000 individuals used ServiceLink last year to receive counseling on Medicare, long-term care and veterans services. The program also helps seniors file taxes and apply for federal assistance — an essential service, according to Jaeger.
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Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: Cuts to health services worry many: Locals weigh in on state budget proposal that would mean $128 million removed from HHS
Local and regional agencies are concerned about the rippling impacts proposed cuts to the state budget could have: Up to 40 people receiving services from Monadnock Family Services could see the loss of their health insurance. A Bennington woman is facing a reduction in care for her autistic daughter. Local emergency rooms will have to continue to take in those with mental illness in crisis, while funds for additional beds at the state hospital could be delayed.
… Funding for support services for those with developmental disabilities and substance abuse problems could also see some deep cuts.
… Rep. Susan Emerson (R-Rindge) called the cuts a ‘slash and burn’ method with no compromises and said that it would ‘cripple’ several different departments in the state, not only Health and Human Services, but the Department of Transportation and education. ‘I went to a church supper Saturday, and everyone in the room was concerned with Medicaid, human services — all those services are being cut to the bone.’”
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