NH GOP - Stop Drive-by Voting in New Hampshire



For far too long, there have been questions surrounding the legitimacy of some votes cast in New Hampshire elections. "Drive-by voting", as Secretary of State Bill Gardner calls it.


It seems like a simple enough concept: people who vote in New Hampshire should live in New Hampshire.


Republicans have introduced legislation to clarify existing election law with a thirty day residency requirement to vote in New Hampshire. But Governor Hassan and her Democratic colleagues are politicizing this commonsense effort to ensure the integrity of our elections.


This morning, the New Hampshire Republican Party launched a petition to gather support for the passage of this critical legislation.


Will you sign the petition today?


Thank you for standing up for the integrity of New Hampshire elections.


Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee

.S. Please forward this email to your personal networks, friends and family. You can share the petition easily with this link: bit.ly/nhdomicile