NHDP - Marco Rubio's Games Are Wrong For New Hampshire

Prior to Marco Rubio’s announcement for president, New Hampshire House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff released the following statement questioning Marco Rubio’s credentials for President of the United States.
“As a former Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal and a Vietnam veteran, it’s important to me that the person we charge with protecting and defending our nation take the responsibility seriously. Marco Rubio has proven he is not that person. His purely political approach to the issues that matter most for our national security is not presidential and demonstrates that he’s not ready to take on our country’s biggest threats as commander in chief. Even with the benefit of hindsight, Rubio said we are better off because of George W. Bush’s war in Iraq. And just a few weeks ago, Marco Rubio was part of a damaging Republican effort to derail the United States’ negotiations with Iran to prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. When asked about the letter last month, he actually said he’d do it all over again, expressing no remorse for undermining the negotiations – and if there was any question Rubio was playing politics with our national security, he used the letter to raise money for his campaign. New Hampshire needs a true leader in the White House, not someone who is more committed to playing political games than our country’s security. Granite Staters can see right through Marco Rubio.”
Marco Rubio’s policies show that he would rather pander to the Republican base than do what’s right for his constituents and the country.
·         Marco Rubio is wrong for New Hampshire families. Instead of fighting for middle class families, he wants to cut taxes for corporations and the wealthiest Americans, all while supporting a tax increase for the hardworking Americans. He even opposes raising the minimum wage, and said the idea was “silly”.
·         Marco Rubio is wrong for New Hampshire seniors. He wants to reopen the prescription drug donut hole, end Medicare as we know it, and has said that programs like Social Security and Medicare have “weakened us as a people”.
·         Marco Rubio is wrong for New Hampshire women. Marco Rubio has said that even if every single one of his constituents did not want him to restrict access to health care for women, he’d still vote to restrict it. He even said bringing up the Paycheck Fairness Act was “wasting time.”
·         Marco Rubio is wrong for New Hampshire’s young people. Instead of voting to make it easier for young people to afford college, Marco Rubio opposed legislation to allow young people to refinance student loans. He also proudly supported the Republican budget, which guts meaningful investments in education.