DNC - Chris Christie’s First Day in NH: Flip Flops on Being a Flip Flopper


Chris Christie’s First Day in New Hampshire: Flip Flops on Being a Flip Flopper


Yesterday morning at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics: “I will not pander, I will not flip flop



Christie just hours later at the Union Leader editorial board:

·         Christie Flipped on Guns: Christie has said he supports “strictly enforcing” New Jersey’s existing gun safety laws. Yesterday afternoon, Chris Christie suggested he wants to water down New Jersey’s already strong anti-gun violence legislation, saying “The gun laws in New Jersey are very, very inflexible and I can’t change them on my own.” 

·         Christie Flipped on Abortion: When Chris Christie first entered politics, he was not only pro-choice but he also personally donated to Planned Parenthood.  Yesterday afternoon, he doubled down on his anti-choice position, pandering to the Republican party playbook and boasting about vetoing “Planned Parenthood funding five times.”

·         Christie Flipped on Common Core: Chris Christie has previously called Republican opposition to Common Core a knee-jerk reaction and said he had every intention of continuing to push for Common Core standards. Yesterday, he said he’s “open to abandoning” Common Core altogether.


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