“A Fiery Speech” … “Strong” … “Big Applause” … “Poured On The Passion” … “Two Standing Ovations”

WMUR Headline: “Rick Perry Pours On Passion During GOP Summit” (WMUR, 4/17/15)

CBS News’ John Dickerson “Rick Perry In Nashua Is Holding This Audience Very Well…” Dickerson Tweet: “Everyone talks about how Rubio is a great speaker in the GOP field but Rick Perry in Nashua is holding this audience very well.” (, 4/17/15)

Weekly Standard’s Stephen F. Hayes: “A Fiery Speech…” Hayes Tweet: “In his speech at [FITN] in Nashua, NH, Tx Gov Rick Perry w/a fiery speech - lots of focus on foreign policy and national security.” (, 4/17/15)

WMUR’s John DiStaso: “[Perry] Poured On The Passion…” “[Rick Perry] poured on the passion at [First In The Nation Summit] lunch” (, 4/17/15)

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman: “Mr. Perry Got Two Standing Ovations.”
(The New York Times, 4/17/15)

•    Haberman: “Mood In The Room: Engaged And Interested, Especially During The Q.-And-A. Session.” (The New York Times, 4/17/15)

National Journal’s Lauren Fox: “Perry Seemed Relaxed Yet Authoritative…” “In Friday's speech, Perry seemed relaxed yet authoritative as he rattled off his state's 5.6 million-person boom in population, rapid job growth, and increase in high school graduation rates that all happened under his watch.” (National Journal, 4/17/15)

The Hill’s Ben Kamisar: “Perry Is Delivering A Strong Speech…” Kamisar Tweet “Perry is delivering a strong speech, but he keeps falling back on the tick of ‘I will suggest to you’....” (, 4/17/15)

•    Kamisar: “Firing Up A Crowd…” “Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) struck a populist note Friday in New Hampshire, firing up a crowd at the Republican Leadership Summit with an assault on ‘trickle-down liberalism.’” (The Hill, 4/17/15)

WMUR’s Ryan Murphy: “Big Applause When Talking About Rebuilding Military…” Murphy Tweet: “[Gov. Perry FITN] Speaks of Iran and pessimism Big applause when talking about rebuilding military in the past.” (, 4/17/15)

NECN’s Marc Fortier: “Very Animated Speech…” Fortier Tweet: “‘The best days of this country are ahead of us!’ [Gov. Perry] says, closing his very animated speech at [First In The Nation Summit].” (, 4/17/15)

Politico’s James Hohmann: “Rick Perry: Tan, Rested, Ready.” (, 4/17/15)

CBS News’ Alex Romano: “Hitting [Hillary Clinton] Right Off The Top Of His Remarks…” “‘She's the one who literally brought the reset button to the Kremlin.’ - Rick Perry hitting [Hillary Clinton] right off the top of his remarks.” (, 4/17/15)