House Republican Majority Caucus comments on passage of budget

The House Republican Majority Caucus (HRMC) released a statement today on the passage of  the New Hampshire state budget.
The budget passed today in the house with the majority of Republicans supporting the budget.
"In the end, Republicans came together to pass a budget that kept its promises of no new taxes and fiscal responsibility.  We recommend this budget, which does not include Medicaid expansion and other unfunded, big government programs pushed by the democrats.  We are pleased that the senate will have a good foundation for their work.  We restored most of the stabilization aid to the school districts and assured it was evenly applied to all cities and towns; we came within a percentage point or two of fully funding the adequacy aid for our local schools.  Despite the rhetoric, Meals on Wheels is fully funded; the Department of Transportation is fully funded so if we experience a winter such as the last, we are assured our roads will be plowed and sanded.  It is up to Gov. Hassan and the commissioner to prioritize those programs like Meals on Wheels, which help our most vulnerable and needy,"  stated Rep. Stephen Stepanek- Amherst. "It has been reported that the governor has again called this budget an irresponsible, draconian budget  which is the same rhetoric that she used to describe the Senate Republican budget last time.  I'm sure, as she discovered last term, she will discover again that this is a responsible budget and will again embrace this budget as she embraced  the one last term as a responsible, bi-partisan budget."
"The state of New Hampshire can once again congratulate itself over having elected Republicans who bring fiscal responsibility to the budget  in the house.  We passed a fiscally sound budget with no new taxes and met our core responsibilities of government: funding our roads and bridges, and supporting, through state aid, every student through primary and secondary education.  We look forward to hearing the senates priorities and continuing this effort with them,"  commented Rep. William O'Brien- Mont Vernon.