House Republican Majority Caucus comments on passage of keno

The House Republican Majority Caucus (HRMC) released a statement today on the passage of  Keno in the New Hampshire state budget.  Authorizing Keno in New Hampshire was added to the state budget in a floor amendment presented on the house floor today.

"With tens of millions of New Hampshire dollars flowing to Keno in Massachusetts, this bill will keep those dollars in New Hampshire and direct them through the lottery commission to the Education Trust Fund for the children," commented Rep. Stephen Stepanek- Amherst.

"The revenue received from Keno will add $3.6 million the first year and an additional $8.4 million in the second year of the budget.  Constitutionally, all of these funds will go towards funding our children in this year and years to come," stated Rep. Bill Ohm- Nashua.