NHDP Statement on Bill O'Brien Floor Amendment to Empty State's Rainy Day Fund

Concord, N.H. -- New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Bill O'Brien's floor amendment emptying the state's rainy day fund:

"From raiding dedicated funds to downshifting costs onto local communities, the O'Brien-Jasper budget proves once again that New Hampshire Republicans can't be taken seriously on fiscal responsibility. Possibly the most fiscally irresponsible action in the O'Brien-Jasper budget deal -- and that's saying something -- is O'Brien's floor amendment to empty the state's rainy day fund." 
"As lawmakers entered the State House, today they were greeted by hundreds of protesters decrying the O'Brien-Jasper budget's drastic cuts. But instead of listening to the outcry from every corner of the state, O'Brien and Jasper decided to wipe out the state's rainy day fund and threaten a credit downgrade to make even deeper cuts, including cutting funding for community colleges, further cutting our already strained corrections system, and laying off nurses at New Hampshire hospital."