"Republican voters are cheering"; "Walked out with optimism"; "Smashing success"; "Energized, confident bench"; "Unique event in presidential primary history"


Associated Press: State Republican voters are relishing crowded field


"The Republican landscape is the antithesis of the Democratic side on the nomination chase, where Hillary Rodham Clinton appears unlikely to face a serious primary challenge. Republican voters are cheering that contrast, and expect that the candidate who emerges from the GOP race will be battle-tested for the general election."


Boston Globe: White House hopefuls gather for N.H. GOP summit


"Republican presidential hopefuls jockeying for the affections of New Hampshire voters trained their rhetoric Friday on President Obama's foreign policy, blaming the man they hope to succeed for what they call a weakened country."


CBS: At N.H. summit, GOP hopefuls take aim at Hillary Clinton


"Clinton, who has recently come under fire for limiting press access to her events around the country, was not in New Hampshire at the time -- but that didn't stop the jibes."


Concord Monitor: Summit gives voters a taste of what's to come


"State Party Chairwoman Jennifer Horn continually reminded the audience of the strong field. Many attendees walked out with optimism for the 2016 election."


Nashua Telegraph: In Nashua, GOP vows to regain White House


"Republicans on Saturday wrapped up their two-day leadership summit highlighted by leading presidential candidates...all of whom hope to take back the White House in 2016."


Nashua Telegraph: The summit and a case of primary envy


"By any measure, the recent 'First in the Nation' Leadership Summit held in Nashua this past Friday and Saturday was a smashing success."


"It was an event that represented all that is right about the New Hampshire Primary."


New York Times: At Republican Gathering, All Talk Is of Hillary Clinton (None of It Is Good)


"An energized, confident bench of 19 presidential candidates and potential contenders took turns taking shots at Hillary Rodham Clinton."


"The two-day event here in New Hampshire, where the nation's first primary will be held early next year, showcased the talents, tactics and breadth of the Republican field."


Politico: The New Hampshire GOP summit: 6 takeaways


"Republicans are eager to contrast themselves with Hillary."


Union Leader: NH GOP's coup: A 'cattle call' of their own


"The state Republican Party's leadership summit was a unique event in presidential primary history as far as anyone could remember."


"Despite the number of speakers (we think the final tally was 367), the relatively small venue and the fact that no one had done this kind of event before, the state Republican Party pulled it off smoothly and professionally."