SchoolChoiceNH - Press Conference -- Save Our Kids

Press Conference -- Save Our Kids

April 28, 2015 at 8:30am in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building, Concord
co-hosted by NH Families for Education and School Choice for NH

The NH Senate votes shortly on the most important education bill of the year, HB 323. It is tied to New Hampshire's No Child Left Behind Waiver. As written the bill establishes a new, untested pilot program, which is to be Regionally-implemented under the control of the Commissioner of Education, not our locally elected school boards. It will require districts to adopt Common Core, in opposition to recently passed legislation to the contrary, SB 101.
In obtaining this two-year waiver Commissioner Virginia Barry committed to transitioning all our public schools over to this Regionally-controlled model. There was no advanced legislative approval for this plan. The Commissioner is seeking legislative approval after-the-fact, even though many of the details of this pilot program are still undetermined. The bill has been written in such a way as to give the Commissioner a blank check to work out these details with the US Department of Education. Why do we need to elect state senators if they are so easily persuaded to abdicate their law-making duties to the Commissioner and US Secretary Arne Duncan?
 A bill that gives broad powers to the Commissioner to re-design our entire statewide assessment system without any checks-and-balances by the legislature is absurd. If the senate approves this legislation, it will have officially abdicated its responsibility to govern.
HB 323 would enable this integrated assessment program and parents would no longer be able to opt-out, or refuse these tests. Parents' rights must be respected.
Our children's education should not be based on untested educational reforms. Local districts should not be forced to relinquish control of their districts to state and federal agencies that are remote and inaccessible. The senate should respect the checks-and-balances built into our political system and not walk away from this important issue.
The Senate Education Committee will hold an executive session starting at 9:00 am at which time they are expected to vote on HB 323.
Please join us for a press conference on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 8:30 am in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building.