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Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Repeal of “Buffer Zone”
 Cornerstone commends the Senate Judiciary committee for voting to repeal the “Buffer Zone” law by passing House Bill 403 with an Ought to Pass recommendation.  Members of the House and Now Senate committee have realized the importance of repealing this unconstitutional law.  This bill can now move forward to a full senate vote.

Repealing this law will allow New Hampshire to avoid costly litigation, similar to what was seen in Massachusetts where taxpayers were left to pay approx. $1.2 million in legal fees.  This fiscal impact along with the direct attack on citizen’s First Amendment rights makes repealing this law the most responsible and sensible course of action.

This law was hastily passed and signed last year before the Supreme Court had ruled on the Massachusetts law.  New Hampshire has not enforced the law and it is now clear that this mistake must be corrected by removing it from our statute.  “We’re pleased that the Senate Judiciary members have recognized the fiscal and constitutional implications of upholding this law.  It’s important that our legislators correct the prior mistake of rushing this legislation through by repealing the Buffer Zone law”, Political director Sarah Koski.
The Cornerstone team will continue to follow the progress of this legislation as it moves to the Senate. 
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