Josiah Bartlett Center - Save the Date: June 17, 4th Annual Libertas Dinner

Save the Date!
Annual Libertas Dinner: June 17th

Honoring Steve Forbes

Please both circle and underline June 17 on your calendar. we are now locked in on that date for the annual extravaganza we call our Libertas Dinner. This annual event is a celebration of public policy, the Josiah Bartlett Center itself, and the virtues of markets.
This year, the timing of the event and the honoree come together perfectly. Steve Forbes is a man who underscores more than most public figures the notion that elections should be less about the superficial and more about ideas. Just as important, much of his public life mirrors that of our organization, but at a national level. He talks about ideas, insists that criticisms be based on policy not personality, and is one of the foremost defenders of the system we might call capitalism or free market economics.
This is a man who responded to the late fiscal crisis narcissistically called the Great Recession by issuing a spirited, articulate, and readable book called How Capitalism Will Save Us: Why Free People and Free Markets Are the Best Answer in Today’s Economy. That short phrase could well be a summary for our organization, its philosophy, and our mission.
As world leaders and professional pontificators on the right and left were busily equivocating and feeling ashamed of market support, Forbes issued a full-throated defense of the sort to make Adam Smith proud.
I think you can probably tell how excited I am about this year's dinner. We are excited to tell Steve's story partly because he is such a role model for the organization and the role we think we need to play.
I'll have much more to tell you about the event in the weeks ahead. For now, put June 17th on your calendar and start looking forward to a great event.

And keep an eye on your inbox, dinner tickets will be available online soon.