Judicial Watch - Demand Hillary Clinton Release Her Emails NOW!

FACT: Hillary Clinton used a secret email account to hide her actions while Secretary of State.

This fact was uncovered thanks to Judicial Watch Freedom of Information litigation pressure.

Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration may want the Clinton email scandal to go away.  Unlike the liberal media, Judicial Watch is independent and is increasing its pressure with new court actions.

…and as an incompetent and compromised Congress hopes someone in the Obama administration will do their job and enforce the law, Judicial Watch is getting to work! ­

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Hillary Clinton’s email cover-up is potentially criminal in nature.

Not only are we in court to shake loose the secreted State Department records of Hillary Clinton, but we are pushing for more information on the records of President Obama, her co-conspirator in violating the American’s people “right to know.”

Judicial Watch is now pushing for action on this scandal before two federal court judges. And our investigations team just reported that, since the scandal broke, our investigators have filed 20 NEW information requests on the Clinton email scandal.  If you want the truth about Hillary Clinton, then you’ll want to start with Judicial Watch.  As Rush Limbaugh said recently:

"Mrs. Clinton, if you have nothing to hide, will you turn your servers over to Judicial Watch, whose issued a Freedom of Information Act request for them?"

Our goal – one that should be shared by Democrats, Republicans, liberals, and conservatives – is to recover and secure records that the public is entitled to under the law.

Sign the Petition to Demand Hillary Clinton release her emails now!


The Judicial Watch Team