Women's Defense League of NH - SB 116 Passes the House





The Women's Defense League statement on the passage of SB 116 in the House

The Women's Defense League applauds the passage of SB 116, aka 'Constitutional Carry',  by the New Hampshire House today.

This is another step forward for bringing women's rights into the 21st century and an end to nearly 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination against ethnic and racial minorities.

We understand Governor Hassan met with an organization funded by out-of-state gun control extremist Michael Bloomberg and claims she will veto the bill but we believe the Governor will be fair and balanced and meet with the Women's Defense League as we've already requested.

Governor Hassan cannot know the discrimination that is occurring against women and other minorities in the Granite State but we do know she's an ardent defender of women's rights.

We look forward to speaking with her on this topic in the near future.