NHDP - Fiorina speaks to graduates, but her party stands in the way of their success

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Today, Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is speaking at the commencement of Southern New Hampshire University. While she tries to appeal to the newly graduated in this ever-important primary state, don’t be fooled – she is aligning herself with the party that is making it harder and harder for young people to afford college. Just a few days ago, Fiorina’s party agreed upon a budget that would:

  • Eliminate guaranteed funding for Pell Grants, subjecting the millions of students and families who rely on them to future cuts.
  • Scale back the Pay-As-You-Earn program, which helps millions of young people by capping monthly loan repayment at 10% of their income
  • Ending subsidized Stafford loans, which have helped keep costs down on loans for some 28 million borrowers.

“Fiorina and the other GOP hopefuls may be trying to appeal to New Hampshire students and recent graduates, but we won’t be fooled by political stunts,” said Lucas Meyer, President of the New Hampshire Young Democrats. “The Republican Party continues to make it harder and harder for New Hampshire’s young people to get ahead by cutting the very programs that make it possible for thousands in New Hampshire to go to college. Granite Staters know that education is the key to success for young people and Republicans are standing in the way of that success.”