DNC Response to Christie Economic "Plan"



Chris Christie’s speech about his economic “plan” left us with more questions than answers today. What is clear, however, is that his plan cuts taxes for the wealthiest and corporations. We still don’t know what he would do for the middle class, which tax credits and deductions he would eliminate to make his proposal truly revenue neutral, or what level he’d set for his cap on deductions and tax credits. What does Christie’s plan mean for students who use loans to afford the high cost of college?


With so many questions, we can only refer to Chris Christie’s economic record in New Jersey for answers, and those answers are pretty terrible for the middle class. Under Chris Christie, New Jersey has consistently ranked near last in the nation in job creation with an unemployment rate higher than the national average. Net property taxes on seniors and the middle class have grown by more than 20 percent while the wealthy were protected from increases. And when Chris Christie watered down the earned income tax credit, low income families across the state lost money they needed to support their families.


Prioritizing the wealthy and corporations while failing to put the middle class first is typical of the failed Republican playbook, and typical of Chris Christie. It didn’t work for him in New Jersey and it won’t work this time either. –Kaylie Hanson, DNC spokesperson


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