CEI Today: Infrastructure week & airports, honeybee strategy, EPA Clean Power Plan, and $1.88 trillion regulations

Thursday, May 14, 2015
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Thinking Beyond the Runway:
A Look at How Airports Help Our Economy Take Off

This panel will focus on the economic impact of airports, jobs supported by airports, and what we need to do during FAA Reauthorization in order to maintain these economic engines in communities across the United States. Featuring CEI President Lawson Bader and other experts. > Infrastructureweek.org




U.S. Pollinator Policy Should Focus on Facts Rather than Alarmism

Wednesday, the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture and Research held a hearing on “pollinator health” to discuss a national strategy designed to improve honeybee health. Hopefully, U.S. regulators and legislators will not move too quickly on a strategy that is governed by alarmism; rather, they should take a deliberative approach that is based on science and good information. They should avoid the rash approach taken by European policy makers, which is increasingly proving unwarranted and counterproductive. > Read more

> Interview Angela Logomasini




Greenhouse Gas Legislation

CEI strongly supports Senator Capito's bipartisan legislation and other efforts to block the Environmental Protection Agency's so-called ‘Clean Power’ Plan. The EPA's proposed regulations go far beyond the authority Congress delegated in the Clean Air Act. If fully implemented, the regulations will raise energy prices in States where electricity is still affordable into copies of California's failing economy.> Read more

> Interview Myron Ebell


Ten Thousand Commandments
The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) reveals the latest on the large, growing “hidden tax” of America’s regulatory state. The annual report indicates a $1.88 trillion hit to Americans consumers and the U.S. economy in 2014 due to federal regulations and intervention. > CEI.org/10kc2015

2015 Dinner and Reception


Join us for CEI’s Bourbon and BBQ Bash: Liberty served smooth and smokin’




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Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State


May 20


The State of
Freedom in the UK


A Cato Institute discussion on the outcome of the election and what it means for the state of freedom in the UK, featuring CEI's Iain Murray and other experts > cato.org


Bloomberg Boston
1pm & 7pm ET
Bloomberg San Francisco 10am & 4pm PT



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