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When we launched Reform America 2015, we set out an achievable agenda for lawmakers in Congress. It's full of changes they can make immediately to get government out of the way and improve lives.

Then we vowed to keep the pressure on every politician, from House to Senate, from newly-elected to veteran, from Democrat to Republican. Now, thanks to your efforts, we've had some great achievements!

As part of a monthly update, we will keep you informed about meaningful steps taken to advance these key legislative goals. Take a look at the progress below:


The medical device tax should be an easy fix for Congress. The U.S. is the only country on earth that imposes a tax on the sale of medical devices like insulin pumps and heart valves. As a result, these astoundingly high tax rates cripple medical innovation and increase the cost of life-saving devices.

The medical-device tax threatens thousands of jobs, disproportionally harms small businesses, and should be repealed.
Please join AFP in urging your representatives in Washington to repeal the medical device tax. Click on the "!" buttons above to demand action!
Thank you, and let's keep reforming America!

Brent Gardner
Vice President of Government Affairs
Americans for Prosperity