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I Hope You Don't Need This
            But you might.....

Do you know?            

EPA is starting a concentrated enforcement activity in NH right now!  They are visiting job sites, requesting and reviewing records, and taking action against contractors and landlords who do not meet the RRP requirements. Are your records all set?  Need a little help? 

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We do our best to help keep everyone safe. 

Kids, Parents, Contractors and Landlords

This is Kate Kirkwood, from Lead-Edu.  In addition to offering certification classes, lead inspections and other valuable resources, we have come up with a checklist and review that gives contractors and landlords EVERYTHING you need to be sure your records are complete, and you are ready for EPA audits and inspections.  We know it can be  confusing and complicated and we have come up with a simple tool for you - the 5 tips you need to avoid an EPA fine.  This short report and video series could be worth $37,500 to you!  Get your copy today for $9.95.
5 Key Things You Need to Know to Avoid an EPA Fine   $9.95

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Work Lead Safe!  For their children - and yours!